How to Budget for your Wedding

When planning your wedding flowers the cost will always depend on the two key questions:-

1) the date of your wedding


2) if you have any particular flowers you would like in your wedding flowers.

If you are working on a tight budget then here are some tips to keep your costs down:-

1) Ask you florist to come up with a flower scheme within your budget, rather than being specific about what flowers you like? 

2) Always think about how you can re use your flowers to get the most impact from them. For example use the any ceremony arrangements on your top table or place your bouquets in vases to create arrangements ( and keep them fresh) in the venue. Move your pedestals from the church to the venue or between rooms at the venue.

3)Do not buy expensive vases for table centres if they can be hired for a small fee. You can always ask your florist to make the arrangement (if possible) so that the flowers can be given away at the end of the day. For example if you use the cream vintage jugs, have the flowers tied in posies so you can give them away.

4) Do buy or collect containers that can be decorated with flowers as centre pieces if you would like to give them away at the end if the day as thank you presents. There are some fantastic bargins to be had at charity shops to create a real vintage look. Alternatively collect house hold jars and decorate them with lace etc and provide to the the florist to fill with flowers.

Flowers are not cheap and you do have to pay for the florist's time, so set a realistic budget and work wiith your florist to achieve your desired result.

My last note is that flowers do really add to the feel and look of the day, so do spend time ensuring that the flowers you have selected are right for you.

In addition ensure you have invested enough of your budget on your flowers to make an real impact on your special day. This doesn't have to cost the earth. Just carefully select your flowers and how they can be reused throughout the day to make your budget go further.

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