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Letters or Message on a Ribbon
Letters or Message on a Ribbon - Send to a friend!

If you would like to add a personal touch to your funeral/ memorial tribute why not add a ribbon decorated with a name or a message.

The cost is £50p per letter or £4.50 per message and you can state the colour of the ribbon that you wish to have within the arrangement.

To order select the number of letters you require or the message from the drop down menu. If it is individual letters  that you would like to spell a name, than in the comments box state the letters to be placed on the ribbon.

For example if you would like 'DAVE' added to the ribbon. Select 4 letters from the drop down box which will then generate a charge of £2.00 to be added to your chosen arrnagement. In addition in the comments box put 'DAVE' and the colour of the ribbon you would like the letters placed on.

Flowers by Amanda offers the following names and messages:-

1 - Brother (7 letters - £3.50)

2 - Dad (3 letters - £1.50)

3 - Daughter (8 letters £4.00)

4 - Grandad (7 letters £3.50)

5 - Granny (6 letters £3.00)

6 - Husband (7 Letters £3.50)

7 - Mum (3 Letters £1.50)

8 - Sister (6 Letters £3.00)

9 - Son (3 Letters £1.50)

10 - Wife (4 Letters £2.00)

Messages below  All £4.50 in prices:-

13 - Hearts Conceal So Many Things That Words Can Never Say, But The Sadness That This Day Brings, Will Never Go Away.

14 -Those We Love, Don't Go Away, They Stay Beside Us Every Day. Unseen, Unheard, But Always Near. Stilled Missed, Stilled Loved, Still Very Dear.

15 - We Hold You Close Within Our Hearts And There You Shall Remain. To Walk With us Throughout Our lives Until We Meet Again.

16. Deep In Our Hearts, You Will Always Stay, Loved And Remembered Every Day.

17 - A Bouquet Of Beautiful Memories, Sprayed With A Million Tears, Wishing God Could Have Spared You, If Only For A Few More Years.

18 - They Say There Is A Reason, They Say That Time Will Heal, But Neither Time Nor Reason, Will Change The Way We Feel.


Messages below  All £3.50 in prices select (7 letters):-

11 - In Loving Memory of

12 - Someone Special